Interactive CLI tool to help manage multiple Git user configurations on a single machine.
Node.jsJestGithub Actionsnpm
Educational tool for visualizing sorting algorithms commonly taught in introductory CS courses. Implements time travel through application states using Redux.
Multi-user, real-time, websocket-based, collaborative editor for animated sprites and pixel art featuring multi-user undo.
Socket IOHTML CanvasReactReact Hooks
Multiplayer browser game built for a three-day hackathon using Socket IO; scales to hundreds of players. Soft-launched an MVP and tuned performance based on user feedback.
Socket IOHTML CanvasDOM manipulation
Full-featured RESTful e-commerce store built as a bootcamp learning project.
Responsive static portfolio site built as a learning project for Gatsby's take on JAMstack. Builds from Markdown files queried through Gatsby's GraphQL data layer.
GatsbyReactStyled ComponentsNetlifyGraphQL
A repository built for Fullstack Academy of Code which uses test-driven learning to teach direct DOM manipulation. In use as part of the Fullstack curriculum. Private repository.
DOM ManipulationTest-Driven LearningMochaChaiJSDOMSinon